The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

Thankfully, there's a lot less of this around now. I guess the following, from Wikipedia is the cause:

Because of its phototoxicity and invasive nature, giant hogweed is often actively removed. In the UK, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it an offence to plant or cause giant hogweed to grow in the wild. It is also a common plant in marshy areas of Ireland.


I'd never heard of Denovan. Apparently it's just along the road from where I lived for eight years.

The M876 Going Towards Glasgow

It's a nice view from this bridge over the M876. I came here when the motorway had only just opened. It feels like the last of the major post-war construction works in Central Scotland (at least for many years). They are cool when they are new, like the recently built M80 extension and the one running along the south of the Clyde in Glasgow. However, the M876 doesn't get a lot of love; indeed, it seems to score highly in the unusual Pathetic Motorways website. You can see Cumbernauld in the distance if you have bionic eyes; the flats at the start of Gregory's Girl.

Danger of Death

Sleep, good, for ever, slow and deep, spelled rare and wise,
My girl ranging the night in the rose and shire
Of the hobnail tales: no gooseherd or swine will turn
Into a homestall king or hamlet of fire
And prince of ice
To court the honeyed heart from your side before sunrise
In a spinney of ringed boys and ganders, spike and burn
Nor the innocent lie in the rooting dingle wooed
And staved, and riven among plumes my rider weep.
From the broomed witch's spume you are shielded by fern
And flower of country sleep and the greenwood keep.
Lie fast and soothed,
Safe be and smooth from the bellows of the rushy brood.
Never, my girl, until tolled to sleep by the stern